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What is Quipist
and why play?
We created a dashboard that allows you to import your posts from other social networks all in one place... while raising funds for the causes of your choice.
Because we are a social network... You need someone to invite you.

While we are in Beta we are allowing our members to invite their friends. If you know of someone already using Quipist, please ask them to send you an invitation! We would love to have you join us!

How we do it -
Cloud Funding
We are used to seeing ads on most websites - ever wonder where all that ad revenue goes? On Quipist, you can earn part of that ad revenue and use it to benefit causes of your choice, including your own!
Ads & Revenue
Unlike other sites that collect all the ad revenue for themselves, Quipist captures the revenue generated from all the site activity and redistributes the majority to members. Members can link their Paypal accounts and keep the revenue they generate themselves, donate to the causes they choose, or both.

We have designed a ranking system that adds an element of fun and competition to your activities and the ability to earn revenue for your causes.

Ready now?
Join, Quip, Play!